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  1. one thing I did not understand, all go flash, or is there some card that does not need the flash? If yes, which card should not be flashed to work? thank you
  2. I tried and I'm a year now. my head is full and confused. can you help me ? thank you if I take "dell h200 it mode" problem solved? I did not have to do anything besides the connection? thanks
  3. why do you need to flash? what is the use of the flash is the same for all types of card? maybe mine does not work for that? does it seem incompatible with bios or does it necessarily need a cache and a battery?
  4. I can not flash, is not there a way to use? the card I posted “.SUPERMICRO AOC-SAS2LP-H8IR “ that you tell me?
  5. hi again I have not solved. I would like to solve. Help me I'm coming out crazy. I bought a card "Hewlett Packard Enterprise SmartArray P410 " without battery and without memory cache. The motherboard is an Asrock with integrated CPU (works with xpenology). When I start the PC, it tells me 18 SmartArray P410 initialization \\\ and restarts in loops I need a simple, inexpensive solution that connects to the motherboard and works. I do not speak English well and I'm not very technical. if I buy this?
  6. I'm not very capable. is there a cheap controller with 8 sata compatible? immediately working without making changes? thank you
  7. I thought a simple driver would work out. how freenas works I think synologic can do it too. I wanted to reuse that card. which card do you recommend compatible? thank you
  8. It is terrible. With freenas I have 8 port with 8 volume . there must be a solution to have 8 volumes What controller sata do you recommend to buy cheap good to have 8 ports on the 16x PCI?
  9. hello to me it works. but only the first 4 ports work
  10. hello, i problem with the Marvell 88SE9705. sees only 4 disks of 8 disk ( 8 ports sata). It seems that he sees it as the "4 port SATA PCIe x2 Marvell 88SE9235" but in reality they are 8 sata ports. incorrect driver!