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  1. Thank you very much all you guys. Very helpful information. I kept the USB stick as plugged always. The usb is getting very warm . I hope it will last for sometime. Yeah as I know original NAS hardware having a boot loader inside the flash drive. So no choice this is kind of replicate setup. . My new XPEnology setup is working great as my media server and file sharing purpose.
  2. Dear All, Thanks for all your information. All working well now. I didn't realize that I have to boot from the USB drive when the laptop restarts. I removed the USB and thinking it will boot from the HDD disk. Now I plugged the usb always. All working fine now and my NAS is fully functional. Is there anyway boot loader move to HDD and load without the USB drive?
  3. DSM 6.2 installation completed 100% but when the laptop booting the HP bios booting is overriding the DSM OS. DSM is not loading. Anything that I have to disable bios level?
  4. Yes, I'm not using the 6.2.4. I was using the XPEnology Tool for Windows x64. So its downloaded the correct match the loader and the DSM (pat) OS version.
  5. Hi Guru, Thanks for your reply. Able to install the DSM 6.2 adding the vid/pid and Mac address. But now DSM is not booting up. I guess I have to disable some wifi or some other boot menus in BIOS? If you know any setting please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi there, Can anyone provide me a step by step guide to install the DSM 6.2 on HP Elitebook 840 G3? I tried with Jun’s Loader v1.04b DS918+ when its comes to 50% installation and its shows that file has corrupted and failed the installation. I think I was missing some steps when I prepare the boot loader. Please assist me. Thanks Best regards, Shawn