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  1. Ok thx. That's very cool. Does any of the features - for instance weblogin - require having to pay some fee to synology? Do you know if it's possible to run vmware workstation on xpenology? Otherwise I will just run ESXi directly on the machine and build pfsense and DSM on that. That will also make it simple to SSH and weblogin to the server.
  2. I really like to use Plex on my Nvidia shield so I want to be able to update my library when I'm on the go and also stream music on my Phone and watch a movie on my pc.... While in the hunting cabin or in an airport or whatever/whereever I am It works just fine with my shield as it is now, so just wondering if the xpenology NAS system is easy to access as well? I want to move all my content to the NAS instead of having hdd attached to the shield. Hope my questions makes sense 🙂 Final question: can you install pfsense on a xpenology? 🤓
  3. Hi I wish to build my own NAS since I have so much old equipment just lying around. I have a decent ThinkCentre with an intel i5 that I'm thinking of getting started with. Would that work OK? (dont have a model no right here this instance) Are these things possible Remote access - SSH or weblogin from outside network? Streaming media and uploading to the NAS from external network? VPN services in torrent client? Virtualization on the xpenology os? Webserver? and what are some of the requirements for these things?