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  1. Hi everyone, I've been following this forum for a few months now. I also tested xpenology project in vmware workstation for a long time and finaly decided to to take the ride on real baremetal box. I managed to get hp microserver gen8 1610T version few weeks ago (probably one of the last boxes out there :)) and now i would appreciate some advice from gen8 users regarding bios settings. As i understand from posts sata ports should be set as sata ahci mode. Done that. Also enabled wake on lan in bios. Is there anything else to consider? Specifically: -system options serial port options com2 -power management option hp power profile balanced power and performance hp power regulator hp dynamic power saving mode Any advice on these? or anything else maybe i should pay attention? Also would like to know how you power server on if there's power outage for example so server is shut off and your not home. You use WOL or iLo console or app for powering it on? Oh, and forgot to mention since this will be a fresh install i'll be using juns loader 1.02b and dsm 6.1.4 Thank you for help and for this great project.