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  1. OK, that is what I thought. To get unlimited camera support need to be on 8.2.2 but then you can only be on 5.7.1-2636. I thought when I asked question above you could force a new version of device pack. I guess I will need to find supported cameras on 5.7.1 or earlier. Thanks!
  2. I cannot get it to update device package. Says it needs something more than 8.2.2. Can you let me know step by step to do. THANKS!
  3. Is there a newer version with the unlimited camera support? Also can you update the device package list without updating the firmware some way? Thanks.
  4. I mistakenly deleted a Share folder. It was a on volume that was set up RAID and BTRFS. Is there anyway to get back?!?! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Humans are sometimes stupid. I got back from a month away and saw there was a 6.2 upgrade so did a manual upgrade on Jun 1.02b loader. HELP. What do I do to go backwards? Thanks!
  6. OK, so was able to get things to boot right to 1.02b loader. It then wanted me to recover the disk drives as I am on 6.1-15047. It goes thru a reboot and I can see Jun's splash screen BUT I cannot access software via web page after restore. Please let me know how I force a new install or whatever to get this back on line. THANKS!!!
  7. OK I did not read directions fully. Had it working then upgraded to 6.1-15047. I have another Synology (real one) where I can move the drives to and update to 6.1-15047 then downgrade. Is there a better way? Cannot get PC to boot up with USB in place. Hangs and then I post a number of times with/without drives connected. Someone have easy instructions to fix. THANK YOU!!