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  1. Hi All, I am concepting a white box san currently for my home lab (2 hosts and shared storage) Currently I am using an old QNAP NAS with ISCSI for my shared storage, however, I am looking to get a bit more throughput from the shared storage to the hosts. I have been looking at the Adaptec 78165 ( ... asr-78165/) which internally can breakout to 4xSATA ports which is fine. I would install an HBA with SFF8088 on each host ( yup I know Sata2 due to not using SSD's. Unfortunately, there are only 2 cards out there with more than 1 external SAS ports with SAS onboard. The LSI 8888ELP and Adaptec 78165. The 8888ELP will not allow all 4 SAS ports to be functional at the same time as its either internal or external ports that are active. (LSI Card – ... 67S4786464) Anyway...... Question is, Im pretty sure that the Adaptec 78165 will see the drives I put in (2x1tb in R1) as there is a JBOD option. my question is does XPEnology support transporting of iscsi over the 8088 connector to the other HBA's in the hosts as opposed to ISCSI over ethernet? TIA Alex