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  1. My motherboard is new and supports PCIe 3.0 and doesn't seem to like these cards.
  2. Can anyone share their 4 port NIC card model number? I am having trouble finding one that is compatible.
  3. I was thinking about trying the Intel version, as there may be a driver issue from HP. I have seen plenty of people using it for FreeNAS with no issues, so the card may be defective as well. If anyone want to share what they use, that may be helpful. I think this is the way to go for me, as a 10GIG infrastructure is a long ways away from being affordable (IMO).
  4. That's what I am using. Trying to figure out why i'm still at 100mb. Trying to see what other cards people are using.
  5. I am pretty sure my set-up is fine. I am coming straight from the router into the switch. The only thing that I could see that may be a an issue now is my NIC card. Here is what I have....what are others using? HP NC364T PCIe 4Pt Gigabit Server Adptr
  6. @Polanskiman Thank you! You are the man as usual Now that I have corrected the error message, I am still getting only 100mb/second. How is your speed? Maybe I need another NIC card?
  7. @DerMoeJoe Have you see any guides or YouTube videos on this? I cannot find anything.
  8. @ Polanskiman I bought the Cisco SG200-08 8-port Gigabit Smart Switch. After setting up link aggregation, I still get the same Failed to establish IEEE 802.3ad connection error. I did not unlink and re-bond the connection, but I can tell it does see the new switch and port locations. Do you have any suggestions? Could this be a settings issue on the switch?
  9. @colrojo Thank you for sharing, it looks like I need a new switch. I am not sure what "synology anythink agregattion" is? @mervincm I'm not looking for a massive speed boost. I do however transfer 20GB to 30GB files and would like to get more than 90mbs/second. @Polanskiman Thank you for the support as always. I will try the Cisco SG200-08.
  10. I am worried to try to take it down to 2 ports, as it could crash again. The system should support 4, so something is off. I tried to use the card as the main internet connection before I linked the ports together and that didn't work so there could be a NIC card issue as well. This is a tough one, I'm not sure where to start.
  11. It does not say anything about it in the documentation, so I don't think so. This is a pretty popular switch, so I am surprised I cannot find any information on IEEE 802.3ad: TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed Easy Smart Switch (TL-SG108E) Yes, I am using all 4 ports on a NIC card: HP NC364T PCIe 4Pt Gigabit Server Adptr
  12. So I manually set the MTU value from 2000 to 1500 during the bonding process and I was able to get it to bond. It says it is connected, but I get the following error message. 1000 Mbps, Full duplex, MTU 1500, Failed to establish IEEE 802.3ad connection. I have it connected to a new switch that is powering the server and it does support link aggregation and is setup properly (I think). Any ideas on this error message?
  13. I tried 4 with the tutorial below and it will freeze at about 90% of completion. It recognizes the ports, so I don't think its a driver issue, but I could be wrong. I bought the HP NC364T PCIe 4Pt Gigabit Server Adptr. Is there a compatibility list anywhere? I am nervous to try again, as it destroys the installation, but I would like to fix this as the transfer rates are not that great and I have a lot of large files to move.
  14. Each NIC is set to 1500 MTU. I have tried to link the 4 ports on the card, then I tried linking the all 5th ports, including the one on the motherboard to test and both configurations error out. The challenge is it breaks the installation, so I hate to keep rolling the dice.