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  1. Here are the stats that i would be running my XPen setup on: q1900-itx 8 GB RAM 1,5 TB HDD. ( I have 1 TB disk and 1 500 GB disk, what would be a good RAID setup, any advice? I am currently running the following setup; Installed ProxMox on the bare metal server. Using a pfsense VM as my firewall. Bridged both my network cards in /etc/network on the bare metal server to the pfsense VM, so that 1 ethernet card is my WAN and the other network card is my LAN. I would like to have the same setup only use XPENology on the beare metal server and pfSense as a VM (with phpvirtualbox)that would act like my firewall. How can i bridge my network cards in XPENology? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to install XPenology on a physical server and use phpvirtualbox to run a VM with pfsense on it and let pfense be my firewall. I would have to bridge both my network cards on hypervisor level so that the physical box would get internet aces through the pfsense VM. Thnx in advance