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  1. Im using the XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 version.. Regarding the disks im using the SHR but i'm making a backup now so i can format the disks and make them so vm will read them.. I will have a look at a way to make a image of the usb sticks im using now and see if i can make it work in esxi..
  2. So i finally installed VMware esxi 6.5 on my server.. Before it was only running xpenology direct from USB stick.. I really wanna keep my setup and continuing running from the usb stick. so i was hoping just creating a Linux VM and meek it boot from USB and the xpenology was up and running again, while im playing with the other stuff.. But no mather what i do i cannot make it boot from the USB.. I really don't wanna make s new Xpenology server.. just wanna run from USB till i'm ready to take the next step Can anyone tell my what settings i need to make a VM just make it boot from USB and get xpe running? Thx
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