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  1. Sbv3000 thanks for the comment, and offcourse it is at own risk without promisses.....but if it can works on a real synolog, why not on xpenology...so that is why i just asked... i will start today with this migration process...
  2. Hi guys, i have a old Asus computer running with synology. I now bought a much energy effecient HP N54L. I want to migrate the old harddrives to the new system. So physicly move the hardrives to the new system. Can i do this and leave the data intact? I have been reading that the mailserver settings, zarafa wil not move to the new system....And my company is using the zarafa as company email system. Can i be assured that when i use the synology tutorial that it wil go as it should......so that all my data, databases, email etc are moving to the new system?? First i wil make a backup of all the settings, then i wil use this tutorial. hope someone can reassure me about this. thanks Iwan
  3. My solution!!!! I rebooted the server and selected on the usb stick, 'the install/upgrade option' again. (dsm 5.0 4528) After selecting this, i started synology assistant again. The server popedup with the status 'migratable'. Double click on it to open the webgui. click next and give the password select the option NEW install......where all settings AND data wil be deleted. after this i had access again. the problem now is that all installed apps are gone.....BUT....all data is stil available on the disks. This means i restored a backup for all settings and users etc. then installed back my apps...... Mariadb phpmyadmin perl zarafa mailserver etc. when i started phpmyadmin ALL old databases where back zarafa.....settings where still there....i only needed to add the fetchmail settings. in the mailserver i had to add the smtp server. other then that everything worked perfect..... now i have a clean and good working server again....
  4. when i go to 'synology assistant' and click on the NAS and go to mapstation, i also need to enter my password. I CAN login with admin with password and can see the tree structure and can make mapstations of the drives in the NAS....so the user and pass works, but i cannot login the webgui with this user (admin) with the password.
  5. after about 30 minutes all services where booted.....but when i want to log in it stil tells me that 'you do not have permission to log into this Diskstation. Contact administrator for rights' I do you access through the CLI from the server itself....when i walk to the server and look on the server where i hookedup a monitor. WHAT DO I DO..........please give me a direction to look at...
  6. I have done a update from 4493 update 7 to 4528. everything looks fine, but when the server reboots, it is now busy 'starting services' for about 15 minutes now.....when i want to log in it says 'system almost ready, log in later'. Can i do something at the server side to get access.....change the ip adress to manual (as it is dhcp now) And see what services are started or something like that. Normally it takes about 2 minutes to start the services...
  7. Hi guys.... I have a xpenology in my network. I wanted to do something good for my fatherinlaw and i installed xpenology on his old system. I opende synology assistant and i saw 2 synologies......my own and the new one. ACCEDENTILY i clicked on my own one and clicked on install (or something like that) i did not open the webgui but did it in the synology assistant. It did some options asked for a user and password, manual ip of dhcp etc. and it was done.......But then i saw that it was MY OWN xpenology......Now i cannot log into my expenology anymore...all passwords etc do not work....it give the message 'you do not have permission to login to diskstation....' WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!! so stupid.....everything is on my xpenology.....my mail account and database, website, photo's everything.... i hope someone can help me....please... many thanks
  8. This topic can be closed again......The problem has solved itself.....I wish all problems would do that. After about 30min. the system poped up and everything works.
  9. Hi there, I have a very strange problem. I updated my system yesterday from DSM 4.3 to DSM 5.0 4493 update 7. I had some trouble with Mariadb, but everything worked out and it worked fine....I did some energy management and configured the system to turn off during night times and reboot early in the morning. This morning i wanted to check my email (that runs through zarafa on the xpenology DSM) and that works fine...i wanted to check the DSM GUI through ip....but could not connect. I used the Synology assistant, but it could not find the system. I rebooted the system multiple times, without success..... So i have the problem that my email through zarafa works, but i cannot find the system. (also tryied through putty, but cannot connect) How can i get my system back? Many thanks Iwan *edit* When i look on the monitor i hooked up to the system, i see that it has run the startup proces and it is at the end of the proces. It says "Synology login: _" . I can login as root and even reboot it from there)