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  1. Hi Guys, I have an old HP ML110 G6, which I used to run DSM 5.x on ages ago. Its been retired since then. My friend wanted to get his storage consolidated without a huge spend. He has 4x4TB and 3X3TB. The ML comes with the 4 port SATA controller to the HD bay, but I need to add 3 more ports, I was wondering if the card below would work in the current latest Juns loader?
  2. nimbu

    Baremetal vs ESXi

    Thanks guys, I decided to stick with bare metal, as well I know it works! Just got it up earlier today with 2 x 3TB and 1 x 6TB IN SHR1. Need to RMA my second 6TB and then I can start shuttling my stuff across.
  3. nimbu

    Baremetal vs ESXi

    Hi Guys, So I currently have a HP G8, running a baremetal install of Xpenology. All appears to work fine and dandy other than running out of space! I have a NL54 and some more disks. For my actual usage I dotn really need CPU grunt I am in the process of rebuilding my NL54 and was planning to go baremetal again. I was wondering if there are any real advantages of going the hypervisor route over baremetal? I already have a dedicated box for ESXi VM's so was wondering is there really any advantages over just consolidation by putting my Xpenology builds onto Hypervisiors? Regards, Nims
  4. So after some extensive research i found that this is common place even on real synology units. With the time taken proportional to the size and number of the disks. i found a couple of hacks that would supposidly change some speeds however this hasnt made much of a difference for me. 33% to go!
  5. Hi Guys, Having a little trouble with my Gen 8 and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I have previously installed XPenology on an HP Media Vault EX495 and my NL54 without any issues all bare metal. In fact the installation onto the gen 8 was fine. After installing I created a SHR1 Array using 3 x 5TB drives that I had ripped from some Seagate external usb boxes. (I have used these drives previously in my ML110 without any issues). When copying to the NAS (mainly using FTP), the file transfer stutters. Will start at 100MB and then move around all over the place. Web services on the NAS go through periods of slowness. Everything was fine until I created the SHR. I then noticed in the Storage manager, under volume "Verifying hard disks in the background (checking party consistency. xx.xx%) "Parity consistency check is currently running on Disk Group 1 and may affect overall system performance." I set the box up on Friday night and its only got to 46%, is the speed of the check right? Ie should it really take this long?
  6. Firstly again wanted to say thanks. I had a little play with 4.3 on my NL54 and decided while is its great, I prefer WHS 2011 for the straight up sharing of my media. However, I was digging around my shed and found an old HP Media Smart EX490 that I had retired. A little forum work found and I found that 4.2 had been installed. Decided to bite the bullet and give it ago. So far all appears to be working fine except the HP lights at the front, though I'm not bothered. I have upgraded to 2GB RAM and a E5300 CPU. Temps are nice and low and with the lower overhead so is memory usage. I have the following installed and all working. SABNZBD Sickbeard Couch potato nClone I use this box as my download box and frequently mounted ISO's. Stops my WHS chugging along running extra services it doesnt need. For anyone else thinking of trying it, the process is pretty straight forward. (Though I cant seem to time the removal and reinsert of the USB stick during install to save my life, but again no biggie.) The debug cable is not required in order to get it installed though it helps a little. Some things to remember: Put the Synology boot USB disk into the lowest USB port at the rear. Make sure that there is no bootable OS already on any of the disks that are installed in the server. 1) Create the boot USB and pop it into the bottom socket 2) Power up, go and make a cup of coffee. 3) By the time you are back, you should be able to detect it via the Synology assistant and install the modified PAT. 4) 2 (or 1) reboots later you are ready to go. I noticed that there was a huge speed difference when I went from the original Celeron CPU to the Pentium Dual core, if you are running the celeron you might find the boot a little slow. Hope that this post helps folks out there and thanks to you guys for making this possible. Nims
  7. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say thanks, was having a play yesterday on my N54L. Install was really straight forward and all appeared to be working as I would want it to. Now just need to decide if I use DSM to replace my WHS. In a similar position as Spudbynight, however the data that I want protected is not that big at all, say a couple hundred GB. The rest I can get again if I needed. So I dont want to tie up a huge amount of drive space. SO will need to work out whats best with me. I must say I love the community package feature, found everything I needed was there and setup within two or three clicks.