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  1. Hi! I'm trying to get HA get working on two hp micro servers. i configured 3x2tb raid 5 setup on both servers and added a RB44Ge network card from mikrotik, which is totally recognized by SO. Network config is: integrated lan on both servers is used to get access and manage system, and first eth on mikrotik network card is used to connect server to a gigabit switch. each server has an static ip address from lan on integrated nic, and i configured a new /24 network segment on gigabit card to get ha working. i tried to configure ha but i've the same error each time i tried it: "Operation Failed. Please re-login", and in /var/log/messages i got DiskStation ha.cgi: write to uart2 error, error=(5)Input/output error DiskStation ha.cgi: ha.cc:1712: SYNOHWExternalControl failed 8192 i'm not sure if this is the problem. it's appear that this error is caused because hp doesn't have lcd to show messages. what i tried: 1. Verify and change nic's mac address of each network card. 2. Change serial number on one of the servers. 3. disable uart capability in /etc/synoinfo.conf but i can't get it working. Tomorrow i will try another network config: on each server, 1 mic for heartbeat, other nic for lan and other nic for web management of cluster. any of you can tell me more ideas? thanks in advance!!