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    Are Supermicro motherboards support?

    exactly, upgrading and troubleshooting are both time consuming and cause lots of headache when things go wrong, plus the server(nas) downtime etc, that's why i dont mind spend bit more to save my a$$, and im LAZY. forgot to mention that, im only interested in itx boards atm. cheers
  2. minime

    Are Supermicro motherboards support?

    7 times? I am not sure how much was the GA-E350N, my guess is around $110? the A1SRi-2758F is around $350 the thing i find about Gigabyte board is that most of them has no pci-e, except some newer ones which cost arond $130 I am not rich, but i dont mind spend $350 for a board that "hopefully" last 5+ years, and "hopefully" without bugging me a lot that board sure looks hot, the only thing i am heisting the compatibility with xpenology
  3. minime

    Are Supermicro motherboards support?

    Thanks Trantor. would you suggest this board? I am still searching around for a board so far, the A1SRi-2758F is the best i can find: with dual+ lan ipmi usb3, +usb3 on board type a ecc ram slot, 8GB+ reasonable cpu with low power Thanks again for answer my question
  4. minime

    Are Supermicro motherboards support?

    my guess is that the driver for the intel igb 345 is not available yet? has anyone tested the board?
  5. Hi there, I am new to the xpenology. I am picking up a motherboard for my new build. Just wondering if the supermicro boards are support, specially these two. A1SAi-2750F A1SRi-2758F Thanks