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    ACPI and Hibernation

    For Windows, there is ACPI. System BIOS can be set to S0-S5. Normally, I select S3. When S3, system power can be 6-7W with a ATX power supplier. For XPEnology, the system is DSM4.2, 4.3, some documents said DS3612xs DSM support hard disk hibernation only, rather than system hibernation. I tried, it is true. But most application here is for home although DS3612xs supports at least total 12 hard disks. So power saving is very important. Equiping system with a DC adapter is a very good idea. I tried motherboard with C1037U or G1610T plus 4X(or)5X hard disks, equiping with a DC adapter, the system power is about 24-25WATT while hard disk hibernation. So any guy can find a way to have Ds3612xs hibernate to S3 status? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.