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  1. Okie doke! Unfortunately money at the moment doesn't stretch to new hardware unfortunately [DISAPPOINTED FACE]. On the plus side i dont mind waiting to restripe the drive pair and have the 1tb independent as i do currently. So if it is possible we might have a winner! Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for this. The important stuff is on the 1tb drive and is only really the photos which are in the cloud too. Is it possible to take 1 of the 2tb drives out of the array, leave one in the server and format that, then put the other drive in a windows machine, transfer the data back to the xpenology server then add that 2tb drive back into the server? Since the 2tb drives are in raid 1 so mirrored. Or does it not work like that? (Forgive my ignorance here! Thanks again!
  3. Hi folks, I've just discovered cosmology and it sounds awesome and I would love to put it on my n54l microserver. I think the install process should be fine but my issue will probably be transition. Currently it is running windows 10 in the following config: 1x 250gb os system 2x 2tb in raid 1 that holds media 1x 1tb general storage including photos. I'm going To assume these are all NTFS... Not going to lie, my knowledge of storage structures and systems is rudimentary at best. (and the server is currently unplugged¡) Now I don't have any extra drives that I can shift data on to to reformat and install ( I'm hoping the fact the 2tb in raid 1 can help here.) What would be my best drive setup for the most storage and security incase of failure (without buying more drives) and how would I go about doing it? I'm a pretty hands on learner, but in this case I kind of can't afford to screw up and lose the data! Cheers!