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  1. I’ve been reading about hyperbackup but on my 5.2 nas it not listed for download Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, I see that the back feature has gone from within Synology now so how can I clone all the old data and settings from my old hp to my newly set up one?
  3. Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade my N54l os 5.2 to os 6? but worried about the data being lost. My current setup has 2 x 3tb drives and 2 x 2tb drives with redundancy and currently I only have 4tb of data on them.. I own another n54l so was thinking of setting this up with v6 and adding 2 x 4tb drives in to start,( 1 drive with redundancy) then I could copy the data from old unit to new. Once it was done then wipe the 2 x 3tb from old unit and was hoping I could add these 2 x 3tb to the new setup with the current 4tb and extend the volume to accommodate the new drive and
  4. Hmm, looks like im going to have to backup all my data and try and upgrade. Dont fancy loosing all my data
  5. Hi, Ive been running Plex on my HP N54l running Synology DSM 5.2-5644. for years now but the recent Plex upgrade wont load :1.13.4. Its currently running 1.13.2 ok. Says the package is not supported on this platform of disk station. Has something changed do you know, Ive tried the other packages incase its downloading the wrong one but still no go.
  6. Thanks. Did you notice a speed improvement? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi, Can anybody advise if i can remove the 4 drives from my HP N54l and install them into a new HP Gen micro server without loosing the data. As I need a little more power for Plex and was thinking of upgrading.
  8. Thats very helpful, thank you. Just done it so hopefully my backups will works now.
  9. when you say the plex user account is this my plex username if so what password do I use on the synology if I don't use a password to log into plex but a pin?
  10. Hi, I'm running plex on my hp 54l xpe configuration but cannot get the backup database in the Plex settings to write to my usbshare2 stick. Can any one offer any advice as its probably down the to directory setup. I have try putting into that /volumeusb2/ with full read/write permissions but still nothing. thanks
  11. Hi, I have just added a 5th bay to my N54l and wondered if someone can please advise / link to what the latest bios is I need to use. Thank you.
  12. This option rings a bell. SATA Port 4/5 IDE Mode = ENABLED I'm sure I disabled it then it saw the 5th drive. I have found thou that the bios doesn't seem to save settings since flashing it.
  13. Sorted it. I went into the bios settings and turned off an option. Cant remember till I get home what it was but I'm sure it was to do with either turning on or off ide.
  14. Hi, I updated the bios today and turned the options on in it, then saved the bios. When booting up the bios post screen now shows 5 drives but once booted into the xpenology software it doesn't see it. I have also noticed that the settings I changed in bios seem to reset themselves upon reboot. It is setup as hybrid raid shr so I would have thought it would have picked up the new additional drive. Any ideas?