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  1. Update: I have partially backed my server up and today most my stuff started disappearing so I thought it best to remove the volume and start again. At only about 0.2% of rebuilding a new volume, drives started crashing (notification also says 'I/O error occurred to hard disk 1 on Server1'). Is there a way to see what is causing this? The drives are all showing as healthy, could it be hardware related or even my Xpenology build?
  2. Backing up that amount for me is not possible but I have the non replaceable items but the rest will be a right ball ache to replace. I am completely puzzled as to what caused this to happen, the drives all show as healthy but at any one time between 3 & 5 drives show as crashed. Could you possibly explain what might have caused this to happen because at present even with redundancy I cannot see how I can stop this from happening again in the future?
  3. Can anyone possibly help me with my problem. My server was working fine yesterday morning and while I was copying photos across the network to store on the server, it popped up a message saying that my volume has crashed. It states that four drives have crashes and that I have to remove the volume . When I look at the disk group it only shows two drives that have crashed but says four have crashed, also sometimes after a reboot it states only three have crashed . I can still access the data on the server but when copying my photos across to a laptop it says i don't have permission
  4. That's correct, I didn't want to add them to the disk group until I sorted this issue. I guess I should really remove them for now.
  5. I have one volume and one disk group but it is labelled 'disk group 2'
  6. I agree this is most likely the issue here. most older controllers can't read beyond 2TB for example then even the not so old PCI-SATA2 controllers some maxes out at 3TB or 4 TB the 6TB and 8TB drives are fairly "new" you'll probably need a newer PCI-e-SATA3 controller with newest firmware to read them properly. Also! very important, now there are these new HDD called ARCHIVES! drive from Seagate, and WD has similar ones, that they don't work like normal HDDs, if you purchased these Archive version of HDDs, they are not going to work well with any known OS. Those drivers were d
  7. From what I have seen, all my 6tb drives have shown fine.
  8. Have You tried running smart checks on the drives? Sometimes fake errors get cleared... Inviato dal mio Nexus 10 utilizzando Tapatalk I have tried this and the error still shows. Also quick check runs daily and full check weekly without any failures. Thanks anyway.
  9. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. A couple of months back just after completing my build, I did something stupid. I remember taking one of my drives out of the server while it was powered on to swap the order of the drives in the hotswap bays (I don't know why I did this while it was powered on) and after I realised my stupidity I then swapped them back when it was shut down. After this it showed one of my 2 Tb drives as faulty so I replaced it with a 6 Tb but ever since I have had the same degraded error. "The space is degraded. We suggest you replace the fai