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  1. All-- I have just rebuilt/upgraded my XPENO VM instance to 6.0.2-8451 with Jun's loader, and am having issues with reboots. Here are some particulars: Host --MOBO is asrock avoton c2750 --32 GB ram --WD RED Drives on XPENO --ESXi 6.5 VM --VM HW ver 10(5.5+) --6 2TB WD Reds as RDMs, Attached to SATA III Marvel Controller --4 vCPU, 4GB RAM(1 virt socket, 4 cores) --vmxnet 3 virtual nic Im getting great performace (100mb/sec+) and everything seems to work well until it's time for me to reboot or shut down. It acts like it is going to but basically continues to ping, and never shuts off or reboots, and ive tried waiting it out to the tune of 45 minutes. I end up having to power the vm off manually, which about 1/2 the time causes raid corruption and/or system partition corruption that i need to cure with...a reboot. For the longest time, i was running 5.x with vmdk disks and the thing ran perfect, but i thought id upgrade to stay kinda with the times. I cant seem to find anything to point me in the right direction, so im hoping someone here will have some ideas. As a test, i built a second instance and used vmdks, and get the same issue. I can only presume im doing something wrong, but cant figure out what, and given that the console is frozen, i cant see what's going on when it's in this "half down half up" state. Perusing the logs, im only seeing the ******* starting entries and then mdadm marking the set as bad when it boots Let me know if anyone has seen this before or has any ideas, thanks!
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