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  1. Hi, did someone already test the MSI B75MA-P45 oer MSI B75MA-E33? They are known to have low powerconsumption. Which low-cost boards in ATX or micro-ATX with at least 4 SATA boards with low power consumption would you recommend? BR and Thanxs
  2. Hello, i`m planing to purchase a N54L Microserver and want to install ESXI. I want to run one VM with windows 2012 Server (AD) and on a second VM i want to install the DSM. Does anyone have experience with the performance of the DSM in this config on a N54L? Or what would be expectable ? For windows 2012 i just want to run AD, and this will only handle 5-8 accounts for testing issues. Additionally i could also install an LSI 9260-8i as raidcontroller, so DSM would not have to care about the raid 5, could this improve systemperformance ? I hope someone could give some input about the setup i want to run. Thanx a lot!