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    Problem with graphics card

    I know they dont need any video to use them and i m familiar with the Web Based configuration. I m just worried about the initial setup...
  2. Innersense

    Problem with graphics card

    Many thanks for you encouraging message. I m a bit skeptical on the procedure since SS4200 is a headless unit and I will not have visual messages of the bios. I have seen messages of other people connecting temporary vga’s for upgrading purposes. Are we sure that no keystrokes will be needed during the procedure? So the image of XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.4 will work fine? I Just put it to a USB with any Boot-USB Creation Utility? no any special settings needed and no special configuration of the image? I’m really excited about the possibility of the upgrade but don’t want to risk anything. Of course all the data will be backed-up and the disks ready for reconfigurations, but still I see some posts that a can’t completely understand. Some people use SSD chase and loosing 2 bays for that? For what purpose? On a simple configuration XPEnology is installed on the hard drives as data? Is there a meaning to be installed on a usb-stick permanently attached to SS4200 or elsewhere? A few blurry questions… I m pretty sure i m losing something in the procedure... what is SSH and for what is needed? What is DOM? How much RAM is needed for XPEnology Instalation? I currently have 512MB installed, I should upgrade to 2GB?
  3. Innersense

    Problem with graphics card

    Hello, I have just purchased a Synology DS215j and i was pleasently amazed with its interface and functions! I also have an old Intel SS4200-E and i m very interested to upgrade it with XPEnology and get rid of the dumb EMC Software if its possible! Is there any tutorial on how to set up the SS4200 with XPEnology? I have searched the internet and didnt find anything Thanks in advance!