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  1. Hi I bougth dual 10g NIC (CELSIO) and it is work I want to make system like this ---------------------- 2nd server 10g single nic ||-------------------- 10g dual nic 1 port 1st server 10g dual nic 2 port ||-------------------- 10g single nic Win 10 ---------------------- I want SMB connection win10 to 2nd server Is it possible? Docker? Or bonding whit dhcp?
  2. HI i`m almost newbe i wander can i use three same chipset card on xpenology? if it possible i will buy three 88SE9215 on ebay. but someone say 'same chipset card can`t use on xpe' who one tried this way? i want know thnaks
  3. hi i`m krean and i use 3ware 9650se 16port card my xpe server has big problem it is my card doesn`t refreash hdds even they out. (dead) can i fix this problem? (and i have a little question it is sataportmap. mt card is 16port. how should i type there? F? 88?
  4. 눈팅만 하다가 너무 해결이 안되어 처음으로 글을 쓰게됩니다 군복무를 하며 개인데이터에 접근하기위해 알바모은돈으로 N54L 과 3TB WDGR 3개를 장만하여 raid5로 사용중입니다 그런데 구매할때부터 고질적인 문제가 바이오스를 핵펌으로허든 순펌으로하든 전원종료를시키면 3번중에1번은 종료가안됩니다 이상태에서는 WEB접근도 안되고 XPE에서도 power off soon이라고 뜨지만 정작 종료가안됩니다 파워스케쥴로 종료하면 100프로종료가 되는데 이런경우 어떻게해야할까요?