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    Abnormality detected on nas, after update

    Pfffew, thanks guys. Though, I regret deleting the settings, I'm happy that the files will be safe. It's not perse super important, I do have backup files, and from time of time, I need stuff on it. I will have to re-install sickrage and multiple accounts again, though ;( haha, anyway. Thank you. I'm thinking about waiting for the new bootloader, how long does this normally take? any idea? Posted via
  2. I did the update when Xpenology asked me to, but after the reboot I am getting the web assistent and it says detected that hardisks has been moved, after trying to migrate it says that I need install files #7321 or later. I cannot access the interface anymore, I do not want to re-install. Any idea how to solve this? or do I need to wait for xpenology to release 7321? Thanks in advance. I tried using automatic updates does not work, it restarts but nothing is applied, and still getting the same page. Afterwards, I tried the refresh option (forgot the name), so it restored the defaults while keeping the harddisk intact. But the harddisk is unmounted: Abnormality detected on nas. All volumes have been unmounted. Do I need to wait for a bootloader, or something? did I pull the gun to early, thought only proper updates would appear (*.*), anyway some info: DSM 6.0-7321 Q1900DC-ITX, 8 GB RAM, 4 harddisks. Posted via