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    Reset system

    Yes i can login to DSM. DMS working fine. But internal postgres DB (media database, etc) heavy corupted after file system repair. [2015-11-13 21:38:27 CET]: Start PostgreSQL pgsql start/running, process 8112 [2015-11-13 21:38:28 CET]: pgsql is ready after waiting 2 seconds... Update media type table where type id = 0 to test db existence WARNING: page verification failed, calculated checksum 6433 but expected 20615 LINE 1: select 1 from music limit 1 ^ ERROR: invalid page in block 0 of relation base/16384/11651 LINE 1: select 1 from music limit 1 ^ -sh: syntax error: unexpected end of file Failed to initial media database Need reinstall this DB or reset all DMS system E.
  2. edys

    Reset system

    Hello everyone, i need to reset Synology system without loosing data. Original Synology box have reset button. How to do this on xpenology Thanks for help. Edy