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    yes .thank you very much helps a lot make sense to me now thanks again
  2. kcmccombs


    okay ddns is new t me and how to use it so i was wondering some could if someone could help i signed up with a ddns site and set my router up with the info. but i am unsure how to connect to my xpenology or any other device someones help would be gratefully appropriated. thanks
  3. kcmccombs


    to be able to use the apps on my phone to transfer files to the storage. i am trying to have the same features as i would using my synology unit. thanks
  4. kcmccombs


    ok no answer. so what is the best way to secure remotely connect to the xpenology without quick connect thanks
  5. kcmccombs


    hi to everyone i have a ds413j which is a good unit but not enough for plex i have a spare pc that i want to use for xpenology is there away to use the mac address and SN for the ds413j and if so can some one tell me how.