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  1. kool, thanks for the reply's.. I'm looking into building one for myself. Just gotta do some testing as my current DS23j is running as mail server. I gotta try out what happens with DSM & mail settings, when you update boot loader and DSM.
  2. Hi, anyone tried to install on the new (ish) intel embedded N3150/N3700 boards? Is it just as compatible as Q1900 boards?
  3. Anybody? I'm seeking some advice concerning this issue with mail and xpenology?
  4. Hi, i'm considering making my own XPEnology based on one of the new intel embedded Celeron CPU's. My existing Synology DS212J is running Mailserver, and i wonder, if this is possible without to much hassle, on a selfbuild XPEnology. My concern is that, every time i need to update xpenoboot to support newer versions of DSM, i will have too much work with backup and recreating mailserver setup. I am also concerned about possible data loss in the updating process. Can anyone with experience with updating a Xpenology DSM with mailserver, explain the process?
  5. Yeah, that was my thoughts exactly. I have a synology ds212j, but im considering making my own xpenology, so that i can use Plex with transcoding capabilities. I can manage without ddns (i have static ip, and my own domain anyways). The only thing i would consider, (which seems to use Synology Quickconnect) is the Cloud solution for remote backup, for my family. But there is problably tons of ways to do that.. And i haven't really had any good results with Quickconnect service, actually i dont even bother using it in my current setup...
  6. Hi, i just installed DSM 5.2-5565 + Update 2. It has been a while since i used xpenology, and i am wondering why different guides point out that i need to change serial/mac address on my install? I've noticed a few Syno services that dont work, but i'm able to install packages without modding serial/mac..?
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