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  1. Hello. I am running on esxi 6.5 and have dsm6 with the latest update installed. It is running fine for now. I was wondering if it is safe to update to 6.1 now that jun's 1.02a bootloader is out? Thanks!
  2. Ah it works I just had to go to the community sources oops.
  3. Thanks it works well now. I guess I will install bootstrapper and vmware tools later when there are guides out. Anyone have problems adding third party packages and updating the list? It wont show new third party applications. Do I have to change my mac address? Thanks.
  4. That makes a lot more sense! Thanks. I appreciate it. What does the bootstrapper do? I thought the performance loss was a lot more so I decided to go with the physical rdm vmdk. Would you recommend physical or virtual rdm vmdk? The drive is 1 terabyte.
  5. I reinstalled everything. My server has two datastores. My first data store has all of the VMs such as Ubuntu, osx, debian etc and I am trying to put Synology_ESXi on the second or at least you the entire drive using rdm vmdk. If I put Synology_ESXi on datastore1 and use the command vmkfstools -z /vmfs/devices/disks/vml.0100000000202020202020202020202020 39514a313345345a535433313030 RDM1.vmdk -a lsilogic, it works fine but the identifier is for the drive with datastore2. If I put Synology_ESXi on datastore2 and use the same command above in the Synology_ESXi folder. I get Failed to reopen virtual disk: Failed to lock the file (16392). Right now I have it on the datastore1 because it worked without giving me a problem but I might be running out of space on datastore1 since it has all of the other vms. How would I get it to go on the other harddrive? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Does the vmware tools actually make any difference? I installed everything with VMFS hdds. Can I do the rdm vmdk without reinstalling the synology stuff? I enabled SSH on the esxi server but I do not understand this "NOTE: Instead of immediately adding an additional drive to the VM, first Finish creating the VM (but do not start it). This will create the VM Directory on the Datastore, into which you can then create the new RDM VMDK files for your disks." Ahh im confused. Thanks!
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