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  1. Well not somehow... I used the web assistant to connect and just expected it to give me an option to select the pat file to install. Well now my drives think they are 6.1 and refuse to normally install. Synology assistant can't access the system partition to wipe the settings. I can't even mount it.


    I only have 2 drives so things should be mirrored, and I have a spare disk that I could install 5.5.5644 on. Should I try to copy over my data to that and then see if it is recoverable? I could add my original drives back afterwards.


    DiskStation> cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]
    md1 : active raid1 sda2[1] sdb2[2]
         2097088 blocks [12/2] [_UU_________]
    md0 : active raid1 sda1[1] sdb1[0]
         2490176 blocks [12/2] [uU__________]
    unused devices: 
    DiskStation> sfdisk -l /dev/sda
    /dev/sda1                   256         4980735         4980480  fd
    /dev/sda2               4980736         9175039         4194304  fd
    /dev/sda3               9437184      1953511007      1944073824   f
    /dev/sda5               9453280      1953511007      1944057728  fd
    DiskStation> sfdisk -l /dev/sdb
    /dev/sdb1                   256         4980735         4980480  fd
    /dev/sdb2               4980736         9175039         4194304  fd
    /dev/sdb3               9437184      1953511007      1944073824   f
    /dev/sdb5               9453280      1953511007      1944057728  fd


    Any other suggestions?

  2. Schnapps - You are the reason why I went Asrock Q1900-itx/windows/xpenology as hyper-v. =p

    So far running beautifully. Now i'm thinking maybe I should use this as an HTPC as well since I have trouble streaming to TV through chromecast, ps4 app, or even the samsung tv app(slow as a snail with 30 sec GUI loading)


    You might want to just go over your settings. I have the q1900dc and have no problems casting to my chromecast. I do get some funny lag/skips on my amazon fire stick but that seems like a known issue.

  3. Is anyone running any home automation controller software on their xpenology box? Looks like there are a couple that might work, openHAB, openremote, synozwave. Just wondering if anyone is using anything, and how are you interfacing with the home stuff, and how is it working?

  4. I did search, but maybe I missed something.


    Are there any feature differences from the DS3612xs(64-bit) to the DS214play (X86) I know the 3612 is a few years old hardware, and the DSX14plays have some special encoding features. Are all features available in any version, just enabled by hardware ability? Are there any plans to move the 64bit version to the new DS3615xs?

  5. Hey guys. Just tried to install a 2 port SATA controller on the mpcie slot. It doesn't fit! There is some capacitors that are blocking the front of the pcie slot. Anyone else encounter this issue? How did you guys get it to fit?


    I'm a bit paranoid about forcing it as the SATA ports on this board are super fragile already. I don't want to break anything forcing it in.

    This is the q1900DC


    My Q1900DC is still in the mail, but I recall someone mentioning on one that only a wifi module would work in the mPCIe slot. The manual is pretty bad on the details.

    PCIe slots:

    PCIE1 (PCIe 2.0 x1 slot) is used for PCI Express cards with x1 lane width cards.

    MINI_PCIE1 (mini-PCIe slot) is used for WiFi module.