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  1. Ok now I've disconnected the SSD drive and reconnected the original raid drives. 

    Rebooted the system, and it shows up in  

    it gives the option to migrate data...but

    Still asking for an update, but it allows you to provide a pat file rather than download the latest.

    Tried using the one provided in the tutorial, but the system will not allow it - "must be 23739 or later"

    so I got Jun's 1.03b loader so it can handle the 23739 update.

    went to the synology archive and navigated to the 23739 folder, got the ds3617 pat file

    rebooted the machine with jun 1.03b

    went to and continued the install process, choosing "migrate"

    -then on the next screen chose "manual update" and browsed to the 23739 pat file I downloaded

    -started the update, machine went through it's thing, and I'm BACK baby!


    FIRST thing I'm gonna do is figure out how to enable ssh access

    edit: looks like I had changed the port number, which was why I couldn't access on the standard port 22.  Gonna save a putty session profile now.

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  2. Ok, so here's where I'm at:


    - created a new loader usb stick. 

    - booted successfully

    - took me to a screen asking me to install the DSM software (everything had been running on my four raid drives so I had them unplugged and instead have a blank ssd plugged in.

    - software installed, then the reboot cycle started.  When it finished, it said it couldn't find the device.

    - gave the option to "detect manually" which redirected to find/

    - now it is sitting at this screen:  



    Only the "newer DSM" it wants to install is a 6.2, which the tutorial on this forum specifically says will not work with this loader.  So I'm kind of stuck!  Any suggestions?

  3. 12 hours ago, bearcat said:

    Was your NAS using static or dynamic IP?

    If DHCP was in use, do you see the adress it gets from you router, and can you ping that adress?

    Have you checked your cable?

    The server is present in the router's device list.  Set to static. Pings fine.  (based on those facts I don't see it necessary to check the cable)


    9 hours ago, sbv3000 said:

    does the server have an idrac port? you can check boot status from there.

    also maybe try a new boot usb, disconnect your raid drives and boot with that and see if you get the server back. if yes then might point to a 'corrupt' dsm installation. you could then boot with the new usb and raid reeconnected and it should appear 'migratable' and you reinstall the dsm version.

    I don't think it has iDRAC, no mention in the online info for this server model.


    I guess I'll try to build a new boot usb.   Is there a better option for a more stable boot solution than a usb stick?   Sure don't wanna do this again in 6 months.

  4. Hi, I am running jun loader 1.02b, installed per tutorial.  Running on bare metal Dell T30 server as DS3617xs.


    It had been running fine for about 6 months or so.  I think I maybe updated the DSM once in that time, so I think I'm running 6.1.7-15284 if I recall correctly.  Didn't take the jump to 6.2xx and beyond.


    A few weeks ago, I got the "Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found." synology splash page when trying to access via web browser.  Doing a little googling presented a handful of solutions that involve putty, but I am getting "connection refused" when trying to go that route.  While the server was still running, it meant I still had access to all of my SMB shares, so I made a backup of all of my shared folders and tried rebooting the machine, first a soft press, waited a few hours, no response, so then I took the dreaded hard reset.  Now nothing is accessible at all.  Still getting the same splash screen on the web interface, no putty access, and now the added bonus of no access to any of the SMB shares, plex server, sonarr, etc.  I attached a monitor to the server to see if the jun splash page is still loading and it is.  I'm just kind of stuck on what to do next.

  5. On 11/28/2017 at 3:22 AM, Polanskiman said:

    Synology is tightening security. They figured what the generated SNs are and simply made them invalid. This is all thanks to those using QC with generated SNs. This is the price to pay for selfish members who simply couldn't care less for the community. Unfortunately for them they are now also going to be affected by this since SNs are now also being used to validate some functionalities within certain Synology packages, like in your case, DS Photo.

    Do you speculate that they'll continue to "root out" past generated S/Ns or would it just be a problem for those generating new S/Ns in the future?

  6. Fellow noob here.  I just got a Dell t30 that came with 8GB ECC and added another 8GB stick.  Put 4 - 3GB WD Reds in there and followed this guide:


    It took me a few read-throughs to really "get" it, but I am also totally linux illiterate and had this up and running within 1/2 hour.  BTW I used a sandisk cruzer mini flash drive (32GB for $12 on amazon) - better to use a known brand name for your flash drive than some scrappy junk drive you have laying around.  And this minis sit flush in the port.


    Currently running using jun's 1.02b loader as a synology DS3617XS, DSM version 6.1.3-15152 update 8.  Plex is awesome.  Sonarr is flawless running in docker.  Continuing to work on more addons but this is better than any synology product I could have gotten at twice the price (other than better purpose-built hardware options like hot swappable HD trays of course)



  7. Docker is sooo easy though.  I'm brand new to this project and I have sonarr and nzbget working flawlessly on a bare metal Dell T30 with 6.1.3


    I was in the same boat, not thrilled that synocommunitywas broken for 6x and not crazy about using docker.


    Check out the guides at

  8. HI there!   Looking forward to exploring this awesome software.  I successfully loaded a Dell Poweredge T30 bare metal with the DS3617xs version of DSM, and now that I'm in, I'm basically wondering if I need to be wary of anything as far as using the "official" synology services.  Like can I go to their package center to get stuff?  I guess I should turn off automatic updates?  I unchecked anything during setup regarding sending them any info, but I guess basically wondering if there's anything I need to watch out for in settings or access that will violate TOS or whatnot.


    In the meantime, I'll keep scrubbing the forums looking for answers to my questions, thanks for all the awesome work!