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Gaming on VM



Hello. In new here and this is my first post and i didnt know under what category to put it. I am pretty familiar with DSM and SSH. So here is my question.


I want to make a virtual machine of windows 10 with virtual machine manager but I want to game on that cm with a dedicated graphics card. Is that possible or do I need to tweak stuff.


Thx for helping

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i dont think you will get anywhere with that as synology does not support it

you should plan the other way around like using esxi as hypervisor and having xpenology and win10 as vm on this

(hyper-v and kvm are not "supported" for xpenology with dsm 6.1)


also depending on the games and protection or stuff like Valve Anti-Cheat you can have a lot of fun beside the technical things

if you have a gaming pc and want the vm to be a testing thing for fun, you might try but imho its nothing like install an go, you should use a search engine and read 1 or 2 days and decide then (i guess i already know the answer yet)



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