ESXi and PhotoStation port forwarding conflict

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Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my PhotoStation access from internet. I am running DSM 6.1 on ESXi 6.5. I found that ESXi needs a port 443 to access it from internet, now the problem is how I can enable PhotoStation access from internet. 


thank you in advance!

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has nothing to do with vmware or dsm/xpenology

thats about port forwarding on you internet router, you just select a port like 53284 and make a forwarding to your internal ip and port of your photo station

btw its not recommanded to have esxi accessible trough the internet, i dint think vmware had this in mind when designing it , photo station is supposed to be used that way as it is about sharing photos but for esxi and any personal access i's recommend using vpn - but thats offtopic here so open a topic in a section that fits more like where its about plugin/software


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