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RAID group crashed following upgrade


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Hi all,


Today I have successfully upgraded my 6.0.1 to 6.1.4 on my N54L using the loader 1.02b and ESXi. 


After updating all my apps I decided to apply the update 5 via the UI / auto download. When it came back I got my RAID group crashed. I've tried to:

  • rebuild by RAID group, like done there:
  • recreate my ESXi image to force a repair 

After recreating my RAID group and rebooting I can see the group is healthy (cat /proc/mdstat shows state "U"), even from DSM, and it crashes after a few seconds being logged in. 


Any idea what could be causing that? I checked /var/log/messages and can't see anything helpful. 



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Okay, it seems like I've just been unlucky. My HDD had some failing sectors ; I could access all my files but DSM would complain (on any version, 6.2 update 1 or 5). I backed up my files,  plugged it back on my PC with Windows, installed the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and verified disk. It found some bad sectors and fixed them. Then a did a deep format, it took ~6h. Put it back in my N54L and ran again the installation. 


I've recreated my RAID group, it's currently checking the disk but so far so good (before it would fail around 5% of the check).  

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