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Weird SMB connecitivty problem from OS X



So, I have new, fresh XPEnology box with 3 NIC. All 3 are 1GB cards and from what I can see on port status in swith and in in DSM itself are connecting at full speed.

One NIC is used for general user access (on 1st subnet) and the other 2 NICs are bonded and used for sort of SAN (on 2nd subnet).

From Windows machines all connectivity to SMB shares via user network works fine (download speed in range of ~100Mbps), so OK.

From Mac (using user subnet) I can connect to other Windows server SMB shares and I get upt o ~100MBps download, so OK

From Mac (again on user subnet) I get only ~200KBps... definitely not OK...

When I reconfigure Mac IP to use storage subnet (the only change id do) I instantly get 120~140MBps of transfer (since it is bonded, so I guess disks speed is limt), so OK.

General SMB connectivity problems (that many Macs are facing) can be rulled out, since storage subnet to XPEnology and user subnet connection to Windows server works fine.

So from above obeservation issue seems to be specific to Mac connecting to this particular NIC on SXPEnology box. BTW same applies to AFP...

Any idea what might be wrong, how to troubleshoot and eventually fix?

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OK, for anyone interested to know what might be the problem - this might be somehow usefull for troubleshooting similar issues in other setups.

So, my setup for connection between Mac and XPEnology box was:

Mac -> Cisco SLM2008 switch -> Cisco SG 200-08 switch -> XPEnology box.

In theory all of components on the way support jumbo frames, so while finetuning setup I was enabling this gradualy on all components. What turned out is that SLM2008, despite its specification, does not always play well with jumbo frames. It was somehow blocking traffic between Mac on the way to XPE. Please note that all other traffic was going well! Only this very specific configuration was affected. After turning off jumbo frames on the swith everything started to work again. As I do have few similar swithces in my network, I replced it with another SG 200-08 one with jumbo frames enebled and again everything works fine. So this is pointing to conclusion that there is something wrong with SLM2008... Weird...


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