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4.3 update 4 safe?


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Hi, I'm new here and thanks to all the guides and tips I managed to install this excellent software to my HP N54L.

I updated to update 3 today and then it showed that update 4 is available.

Does anyone know if it is safe to apply the update and if the procedure is still the same as update 3.


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Please understand that I am new to this as well, but I just did the upgrade from update 3 to 4 without a hitch following the same procedure I used last time outlined here:




Fingers crossed. :grin:




I never understood that method after reading it, but for whatever reason, I have no problems updating DSM by simply going to Control Panel>DSM Update. Obviously, Synology could release an update at anytime that wrecks our XPEnology boxes. So, I guess that is the risk you take, you can go the official route, which has worked fine all the way from 4.3 update 1, or, you could wait until someone on these boards release's the modified update or gives the go-ahead. Considering my account was just enabled after registering 1 month ago, I would not hold my breathe, your best bet would be to just try doing the update through Control Panel. Please, if I am misinformed about this, correct me.

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