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Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8 Driver


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thanks for the reply, I found the image that ig-88 posted on a previous post regarding this and yes it does detect the disks now, next problem is since using the provided boot loader everytime I shut down the box I have to re-install on boot up via the sinology assistant. it doesn't effect my data but all the installed apps eg plex and virtual machine manager have to be re-installed to.


Not sure if the provided image is supposed to do this or not???


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an update.


I plugged the 2 disks I had on the supermicro card straight onto the motherboard and it works fine, shuts down and reboots without an issue.


as soon as I attach the 2 disks back to the card and shut it down I end up back at the synology assistant so its definitely an issue with the hba.


question is whats the easiest way to solve it.


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