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Multi boot + remote controlled boot option possible ?




I have XPenology (6.1.4 update 5) booting from a USB drive, but I also have a separate HDD running Windows 10 on that same machine.  I also would like to add an Ubuntu instance to be able to run file system repairs should I ever need to. 


I was wondering if I can combine the 3 options to a single disk (with a boot menu  of course)?   So upon boot get the possibility to select Jun's boot loader or run Ubuntu or run Windows 10.  If yes, can you indicate how I can do that ?  In terms of partitioning the disk carrying all this and getting the menu available ...  


Additionally... it would be really nice if I could do all that remotely (headless). So selecting the boot option remotely from another pc, allowing the machine to become completely headless.  But is this possible ?


PS: The windows 10 allows me to run HDD checking and reparing tools remotely, but I assume that's equally possible using Ubuntu ?  I'm using SEATOOLS (from Seagate).


Many thanks for your thoughts and insights !



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Some kind of remote management option such as the HP ilo or dell products probably do that, but it's on server grade boards. Supermicro have a similar feature as do some Intel boards (can't remember the name of it)

but most likely your easiest option may be to use ESXi, virtualise all the machines and use the ESXi web interface or client for the management you require. Your Ubuntu option may be overkill, easier to take regular backups rather than raid rebuild drama?

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