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Hi all,

I have installed for the third time DMS 6.1 on VMware Workstation 12.0.

Launch the update ==> everithing is ok.

I have followed the tuto here using the following package :!BtFQ2DgC!JgomNP3X8V9EuwxL4TXbng!5kcjyJ7R


At the begining, all is working fine, but after one day I obtain the following page :




Do you know why I have this explicit refusal ?

Is there a process killing this XPenology version ?


Thank you for your help !!


Best regards



PS : fortunately my other XPnology is working fine for several months ago but still impossible to upgrade :







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Looking at your screenshot you are not installing DSM 6.1 but DSM 6.0. Why are you using v.1.01 loader and why are you installing DSM 6.0? You shouldn't use loader v1.01 as it is obsolete and lacks the fix regarding the 'time bomb' you are experiencing. Read the FAQs and download the latest loader (v1.02b) and install DSM 6.1 not DSM 6.0

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