DSM 6.1 on VMWare Workstation 6.1: status repairable

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Tried to install XPenology 6.1 on VMWare Workstation and it drives me nuts. Tried all kinds of guides which all tell different things: use ovf, use zip, use iso ....
Now tried to stick to 1 guide: https://xpenology.club/setup-xpenology-vmware-workstation-12/ which brought me to status where I can install XPENology, but after reboot it says status: repairable. When I try to repair and reboot, just the same issue :-( ...

Thanks for any input!





How does this all work, iow what files do I need to be able to boot? The iso installs to the vmdk then it is not needed anymore? What is each file meant for in working of XPEnology?


Note: this info is also there:

It says: welcome back! We detected that you moved the hard discs to a new DS3615xs.
Click to repair if you want to repair your data and settings.





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