Thumbnails for videos in Photo Station missing

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Hi guys,


my issue is not related directly to Xpenology, but I hope to find some modding guys like you are, which faced the same problem.


I use the DS photo app on Galaxy S8 and Iphone to upload pictures and videos to the Photo Station. Unfortunately I did not get thumbnails for any video uploaded, neither on the phones, nor on computers/tablets with different browsers. They stay as grey video-icons.

In the DSM logs, I find a lot of entries like "System failed to convert video [/volume4/photo/iPhone/IMG_4688.MOV] to mpeg4", which seem to be related to the issue.

I tried to reindex several times without success. 


Someone any ideas?




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Thanks for your reply. I read about the license topic several time, but missed it to combine this to my issue.

I solved the problem with a valid license which I got from google pictures.

Great to see the thumbnails again ;-)

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