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restore / recover nanoboot harddrives




I have inadvertently damaged my nanoboot usb drive. This usb nanoboot stick has been functioning for years now without any problems.

I have a couple of harddrives attached and due to the age I don't have all the setup details anymore.

While I was trying to create a new xpenology machine, I believe the DSM web assistant has connected to my nanoboot server, and inadvertently damadged / wrote to my nanoboot server.

Since then it won't boot anymore. Boot ends with "Diskstation login:" cursor, and the synology webassistant finds my old nanoboot server as a DS3612xs migratable machine.


I guess that information has been written to the bootsector of either the usb stick or to the harddrives.


Preferably I would like to just restore my nanoboot server.
If this shows impossible, I would like to try to recover the contents of the hard drives.


I have already tried the following:

- made a new nanoboot usb stick and tried to boot ->> this does not work (Diskstation login prompt)

- boot with a ubuntu stick (version 12.10 I had lying around on a CD) ->> could not mount the hard drives, the volumes show as raid, ext4, but I was unable to mount them


During boot process:

- eth0 not running

- eth1 not running


So I'm not sure up to what point my installation has been damaged.


What can you advise?

Thanks for helping out!


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If your system is showing as 'migratable' then I think your boot loader is ok. I would follow the migration process (choose the 'migrate settings' option) and just re-install the same version of DSM 4.x that matches the nanoboot loader.

You should investigate upgrading to XPE5.2/DSM5.2 and then to XPE6/DSM6.

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Hi, thanks for replying;

In the meantime I have succeeded in attaching the 2 hard drives to a temporary ubuntu server, so I'm safe for now.
I'm looking into solutions to set up a backup mirror.

Any pointers to this kind of solution?

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Thats good, I would see if you can take a backup of the critical data from the mounted drives.

If you have a spare drive then I would setup a 6.x test installation on your current hardware, if that all works ok then look into upgrading. DSM 6 has option to backup to various cloud services (Cloud Sync), Amazon, Google, Hubic etc, so that could work as your 'backup mirror'. Another option could be a second XPE server using cheap hardware or just a USB drive attached. It all depends on what you want to have as a backup solution. In my case I backup my critical data to another XPE machine and also to Amazon so I have an 'offsite' copy 

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