Esxi won't boot - fatal error 6 (Buffer too small)

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Turned my trusty HP54L off over the Christmas period for a few days when I wasn't using it.


Came home, booted it and Esxi won't boot. While trying to boot, it gives:


error loading /s.v00

fatal error: 6 (Buffer too small)


This sounded to me like a RAM issue. 2GB RAM is successfully detected upon boot. When I initially installed Esxi years ago, I followed a guide to hack the Esxi install to allow 2GB RAM.


I took the RAM out, gave it a technical blow, put it back into the other RAM slot. Re-booted and same error. Again, 2GB RAM is successfully detected.


Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot further?





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So after lots of boot attempts I managed to get it to boot successfully once or twice. I then had to power off the machine to move it.


I'm now getting all sorts of errors.


things like:

Error loading /s.v00

Fatal error: 33 (inconsistent data)



Error loading /scsi_bnx.v01

fatal error: 6 (Buffer too small)


Then sometimes it gets to the Esxi purple screen and I get:

The system has found a problem on your machine and cannot continue.

Could not load multiboot modules: Boot image is corrupted.


I'm hoping this may be something simple like some bad RAM that when replaced will fix the issue.


If that doesn't solve the issue, is it possible to repair the Esxi installation without losing all the configurations etc. for the RAID and Expeneology DSM etc?


Or am I in a world of hurt?




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