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in DSM 4.3 there was an app "WebConsole" from MissileHugger

 we can find the package webconsole-0.2.6-2.spk on http://spk.synologyitalia.com/index.php?fulllist=true

th app great install and start but "web page load with notfound"


someone know if a new package existe or not to do the same things (it is a web console who can edit file system in DSM without VI)


MissileHugger stop production https://twitter.com/MissileHugger

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You are providing yourself the answer. The package was developed for DSM 4.3. It seems you are using DSM 6. The developper of the package stopped development of the package in 2014. It simply wont work.


I don't think there is any package that does what you want. Simply use a terminal to access DSM's system files. You can install the nano package first as I think it is more user friendly than VI and has additional features. You can also use Putty.

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If you are on a Windows Client: how about WinSCP?


Create two connections:

1. user privlages access: either a scp or sftp connection using your user credentials

2. Root privlages access: a scp connection, using the user credentials, but having the shell set to 'sudo -i'


The build in editor is not particularly special or powerful, but it does its job quite well without breaking unix-line endings.

.. and for the majority of users, it is more comfy than vi or nano will ever be :)

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