From OMV to XPENOLOGY on Abit NF-M2 Nview motherboard

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Dear friends

Hello and welcome

I am new to XPenology ... despite 38 years of life behind me.


You can call me Ernest, or "the guy from Poland, who fell in love with NZ and will take his family  to container home that he will bulild  that will be Zombi attack ready and sell similar projects on  [REMOVED - NO ADVERTISEMENT ALLOWED]"


I'd say its a rather full introduction :)


I just purchades original synology ds215j, for 100 Euro , shipping to me,

but in the meantime I would like to turn my Abit NF-M2  (raid, 8 HDD possible to connect, 1gbit ethernet) nview with RTL8211BL network card


from OMV server to XPENOLOGY server. I watched tutorial. It seammed easy


I have the kernel booting info, i go to, and i find [REMOVED]. Synoogy assistant also does not find my computer.


Is it the ethernet cards fault ?



I figured out booting 




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I tried both 1.02a2 and 1.01 bootloader, cant find my computer with assistant and

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