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Hello to all,


I just migrated my HP EX495 to DSM 6.1.4 following Jun's loader.  I was wondering how to enable the file directory to see the USB boot drive. I did it once somewhere, but I'm not sure if the new DSM allow you browse the USB Boot drive anymore.


Thanks for any help! :D

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not shure it its helpfull but you can find the flashdrive as /dev/synoboot and its 3 partitions as /dev/synoboot1, /dev/synoboot2, /dev/synoboot3

you can have a look with fdisk (do not write anything) like "fdisk /dev/synoboot" and then pressing "p" for print partition table to screen and "q" for quit

it has to be somewhere as it has to be written/updated when installing dsm updates (new kernel)

but there is a good reason why its not shown in the gui, in our case the its connected to a normal usb port and if something goes wrong you can easily renew it, in original synology boxes that one is a small board with a (custom?)  connector to the systemboard or might even be soldered to the board, messing around with the basic boot stuff can brick the system (at least for a normal user it will be bricked)


btw. older version of xpenology like 5.0 where showing it under external devices as those xpenology where not so "close" to the original, jun's loader trys to mimic a original box as much as possible

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Yes but that will not give you the possibility to browse the content of the partitons as asked by the OP. Thus my previous answer. fdisk merely shows you the partition layout of the drive and for untrained people how to screw those partition for good. I highly discourage accessing the boot drive this way. You could easily mess it up.

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