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HP N54L and Dual SATA HDD tray in optical drive bay


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HI everyone,


I started with XPenology about 4 years ago using trantor's boot images on DSM4.x. At that time I've build an HP N54L with 16 GB RAM and 4*4TB WD RED (seems to be somewhat a standard package). After reading several articles I replaced the optical disk drive (ODD) by a "thing" (words are missing, sorry, no native speaker) containing 2 USB3 ports, 1 2.5" SSD SATA tray and 1 3,5" SATA tray (including power switch) for an additional standard HDD. In addition I installed a card for USB3 ports. I know this whole setup has been quite popular.


In earlier times I used this tray for backups. Last year I upgraded to DSM 5 and early in this year to DSM 6. Unfortunately the functionality to recognize the drive in the 3.5" bay has gone and I want to get it back. Is there any suggestion or in best case any detailed description? How do you deal with the beast?


Even though the system is incredible reliable, there are always things to tweak or improve, isn't it? Tnx a lot in advance!

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7 minutes ago, Zackbum said:

Just found the description of the bay tray. It is a Sharkoon Quick Port Internal Multi.

There were more drivers in the DSM 5 loader which is probably why it worked ok. I suggest booting from a live ubunto USB & trying to find what drivers are being used, you can use lsmod - see all kernel modules loaded. Once you know what drivers are needed you can either request they be added to the loader or you could try compiling them yourself, there are a couple of tutorials on the forum which you can read through.

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I don't think that it is a matter of drivers. There is no "intelligence" in the device at all, just two SATA devices and 2 USB ports, that have to be cabled to some internal connectors. As far as I can remember some configuration regarding USB drives have to be done, but I do not know exactly what it was or probably I mix up some things.


When I put a drive into the3.5" tray I have to mount it manually and it works quite good, but I hae no idea about plug/unplug mechanism. In earlier times I did it with the following scripts:



echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host4/scan
mount -a



umount /dev/sdf1
echo "1" > /sys/block/sdf/device/delete


Unfortunately the echo statements do not show any effect sice DSM5.*


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Have found out that the automount for USB is related to udev (/lib/udev/...). Further investigating in this area ...


I would like to have it completely automatic ... in case you put in a SATA disk and turn the little power switch to on, it should get automatically mounted to /volumeSATA/whatever/here_is_the_content. It should also be umounted safely by a script to make it unplugable without rebooting the box.


Probably someone has a good guide how the standard linux mechanism is included into the synology world and whether there is something to be added to the boot image (e.g. kernel parameter)

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