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Hung at booting kernel with a Zotax 890GX



I have a Phenom II x720 triple core with Zotax 890GX itx motherboard. It uses realtek nic.


It also hangs on booting the kernel. I can confirm this because my keyboards numlock stops working as soon as it prints "booting the kernel" I have a ps2 and usb keyboard so both exhibit same issue.


I have tried two different loaders 916+ and 3615,  1.02b loader. I have tried the extra.lzma on both loaders. I tried two different usb sticks and made sure vid and pid are correct. as well as mac address and S/N generator.


i have unplugged the wifi module and my pcie sata card.


I also checked my router and find.synology.com and it will not come up on the network at all.


I have built two of these xpenology machines. One is a ESXI host running on Opteron 6380s, The other is a AMD AM1 platform using the 3615 loader.


I even tried some old zimage file and still freezes on "booting the kernel"


I have checked the bios setting and tried several options but no impact.


After searching the forum for my issue this is the closest thread i could find. IF anyone has any ideas for me to try please let me know.


Otherwise i guess it looks like this hardware just won't work?


Thank you.

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My amd 910e phenom system hung as well. My atheros nic drivers were included, but it wasn't discoverable.

So I figured the nic drivers were not working. I followed the guide compile xpenology drivers in win 10, Google it.

Recompiled the nic drivers and replaced the drivers on the bootloader and now it works.

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