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Xpenology with a Thecus N2200XXX


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I'm new to this forum and Xpenology - looks like an amazing development effort. I've heard about people successfully installing this on my Thecus N2200XXX NAS, which unfortunately was dumped long ago by the manufacturer with various outstanding issues, most serious of which is very buggy fan control.


Anyway I'm hoping that Xpenology might breathe some new life into this old thing, maybe giving some better control over the fan with a bit of luck. The trouble is I have no idea where to start, although I have equipped myself with a replacement DOM module, along with various bits that will allow me to connect it to a Windows computer so I can put the Xpenology disk image onto it.


I think I can manage to do the above, but a bit unsure about how to proceed afterwards!


I'd really appreciate any generic or specific guides to the process in general.


Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum

I would recommend you check the Forum FAQs and Install tutorials to become familiar with the install/setup process and if possible try an installation/setup on a spare mobo/hdd to test your boot loader usb.

Regarding the Thecus, there are members who have installed on some models from this maker, there will be some posts if you search.

From my memory, they had the system working by removing the thecus dom and after accessing the bios could set the boot from usb. They also had to disable some onboard sata (the model had an unused controller) also some features like disk lights and fan control dont work correctly. You might need to 'hack' the motherboard to connect a vga/keyboard for bios access - the thecus forum probably has tips on that

I would try an XPE 5.2/DSM5.2 build first as that loader had more drivers/modules installed and it will be easier to identify hardware and check what you may need for 6.x

Good luck!


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Thanks so much for the responses!


IG88 - that's not the right model, it's the N2200XXX, reviewed here:


So it's an Intel Atom cpu, which in theory should work I believe?


sbv3000 - that's great info, thanks! I will have a search through the forum. I found the tutorial below which seems pretty noob-friendly - I'm hoping it's mostly applicable to installation of 5.2 as well.


Anyway I'm going to be doing this project over the xmas holidays, so I will keep reading before I attempt it for real!


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@moshimoshi. No it's not applicable to installation of DSM 5.2 because the loader is very different and was made by a different developper. I understand the advice given by @sbv3000 to start using Xpenoboot loader for DSM 5.2 but honestly I don't think you should because eventually you will update to DSM 6 anyways. Just as sbv3000 advised make sure you are all set (bios, keyboard etc etc) before trying an install. It will make things easier to troubleshoot. and yes search and read the forum before starting installing anything. It will also save you some time (and also ours ;))

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