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Need help with CRASHED Volume



Hi Everyone,


   Long time lurker, first time poster with a major problem I'm hoping for some help with.  I've been using Xpenology for several years now and currently have a bare metal setup running  DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2 on Jun's official v1.02b loader.  Everything has been running smoothly for a very long time now, until this morning that is.  Not sure what exactly caused the initial problem but the unit became unresponsive and after waiting several minutes and being unable to access the unit I reluctantly powered the unit off.  When it rebooted, I was meet with the error about an Improper Shutdown and a warning that Volume 1 had crashed.  It immediately started a consistency check on the volume that has since finished.


   The problem is as you can see in the photos, the volume is still crashed. I can not repair it because the option is grayed out under the manage tab but if you look at the photo's all the drives in the volume show as normal.  I'm at a loss for what to do next, I have very little experience with low level hardware stuff within Linux.  I've googled and come up short with where to even start so any help would be greatly appreciated.







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Well, it appears I was some how able to fix the volume myself.  Thought I would post a quick word onwhat I did to fix the issue.


I ssh'd into the box and issued the following:


cat /proc/mdstat



This showed me that md2 was my raid 5 array.  Next I typed:


mdadm --detail /dev/md2




I was some what perplexed at this point as all the info I had found online indicated generally a crashed volume was a hardware issue with one of the drives but everything looked ok.  So I figured it must be something else and I might as well try and check and repair the drive.


btrfs check --repair /dev/md2




Errors were found and repaired, I issued a reboot command and the volume came right up when the system did.  I did get a few warnings about checksum mismatches initially, but the volume appears intact.  I've started a file system scrubbing and will report back if anything catastrophic happens but it appears everything is working ok again..



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