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Access FS before boot.



Just a thought, not sure how possible/viable it is.
Would it be possible for someone with skills to create a USB stick you can switch in that will give you access to the filesystem (mainly /etc/synoinfo.conf) without booting the system?
The reason I wonder is that I use an increased maxdrive setting on my system and major updates resets it crashing my RAIDs until I can get in and reedit the setting. This hasn't been a problem yet as the raid groups reassemble themselves once the config is once again edited, but it does require a parity check and scrubbing which takes time. If you could switch out the usb stick whenever you do an upgrade you know will reset the config and edit it before the updated system boots you could probably avoid this.
Not sure how viable this idea is though which is why I put it out here for discussion.

Another extended thought would be, is it possible to create a a tool that will take any .pat file and check that it's OK (MD5) and then pre-patch it for any value max drives you prefer (maybe even the esata/usb/drives values, surely the conf files must exist in there somewhere)?

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