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NAS freezes after update


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Have you tried rebooting? - several times. Even turning it off and on. Both via DSM and manually.


Is the index service running, also have a look at what else is running i.e. - not that I could see. Very little utilisation. Works great but once a while it just gets 'frozen' for a few seconds


How many users are connected - two max but usually only one

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21 minutes ago, Bonebreaker777 said:

Running thing while logged on and watching the 'resource monitor' to see if there are any spikes. Of course, like quantum effects, nothing happens while you're watching :|

You could look at running an snmp monitoring tool like paessler prtg, there is a free version, that can collect a lot of data from the nas. also have a look at whats happening on your network, there might be another device thats causing a lot of traffic, also the synology AV if thats running, maybe disable or whitelist files. This patch was to fix wireless security flaws but maybe also covered other things, that might be network related. if you are using media server package, check the indexing and also ssdp and device reset.

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Well, looks like restart wasn't necessary. I've turned the NAS off, done my regular quarterly maintenance (de-dust, etc) and when I've put it back together, since then I haven't experienced the same issue.


Oddly enough I have a different issue - I've plugged in a WD My Passport SSD into the NAS (USB C > USB 3.0). The SSD showed up as a connected device but I couldn't get it in the File Station. Any ideas?

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