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What is XPEnology



if you have an original synology NAS, why would you want to install it using xpenology?


sorry i'm a complete noob. i thought xpenology is:


XPEnology lets you, for free, let’s you run the Synology DSM software on pretty much any hardware that you may have laying around the computer that you want to repurpose or anything like that. People even do dedicated builds with their own hardware on XPEnology.

So how are we able to do all this? Synology releases their DSM software, their Linux-based OS, the runs on all of that official Synology devices, they release it under the GPL or GNU Public License. So without getting really deep into what that means, basically, it means that anybody who wishes to can get the full source codes or the guts, in other words, of the Synology software and do whatever they want to with it. They can modify it, re-release it and just do whatever they want to with it.

The people over at XPEnology that develop and maintain it, they’ll go get the source code for the Synology DSM software, they modify it, come up with a boot loader that allows us to boot it on to our own hardware and then bam, we have a version of their Synology software that can run on pretty much anything we want it to.


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